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Naples 16-18 december 2015



European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications
Piero Lunghi Conference Naples, December 16-18, 2015

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To celebrate its 6th anniversary,
the European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Piero Lunghi Conference - EFC15,
moved its location to Naples.

Nestled in one of the most beautiful gulfs of the Mediterrean Sea, wrapped between the dozing Vesuvio and the steamy Campi Flegrei, the beauties of Naples have been described and praised by innumerable poets, writers and actors. Its fame has also been enhanced by the area’s privileged climate and the special atmosphere evoked by the street life, a world of fantasy and superstition, magic and fortune. This breakthrough conference offers three full days of intensive interaction with prominent academics, researchers, students, politicians and entrepreneurs, in the field of fuel cells. The wind of change has blown us to a new location, but high scientific quality will keep on being the distinguishing feature of the Event: in the sign of excellence, the program of the EFC15 will be enriched with new thematic areas and high-level collateral events in collaboration with the major international institutions involved in all areas of fuel cell research.
Check out our programme and side events. We look forward to welcoming you all in beautiful Naples!


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