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EFC17 Best Paper Awards

EFC17 this year introduces the Best Paper Awards!
The awards are given to the best papers submitted to the EFC17 conference and that report the most important insights and progress within the broad field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
The awards are sponsored by the EFC17 conference.
All nominations are judged by an independent Best Paper Selection Committee.

This year three best paper awards have been established in memory of Professor Piero Lunghi.
Piero Lunghi was a young professor and researcher who left us very early. Too early, but he did leave us with many examples to follow, most importantly the way he conceived his work: his ideas and his actions were constantly guided by this principle: "Plan as if you should live for ever and work as if you should die tomorrow". The prize that has been made possible by his parents and his sister, Paola, aims to be a message to young researchers everywhere: your ideas, your projects can change the world.

Give them your passion, your strength, and make all necessary effort to realize them. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing one's ideas become reality and become part of the future of our world. Piero strongly desired this, and constantly followed this through with conviction, passion and dedication.

For a better future, we need young researchers of this kind.

Established Awards:
- €2500 First Prize - €1500 Second Prize - €1000 Third Prize



1. Andrea Baricci
2. Fabian Grüger
3. Søren Højgaard Jensen

EFC17065 Alessandra CUNEO
EFC17113 Giacomo FALCUCCI
EFC17181 Hansaem JANG
EFC17270 Panagiotis TSIAKARAS


All authors participating to EFC17 conference are eligible.
In order to apply for a Best Paper Award (BPA), the authors have to register before the registration deadline.
Each author should submit a full paper directly through the EFC17 website (see details below). The paper will be judged by an independent Best Paper Selection Committee.

Selection Process
The Best Paper Selection Committee will select ten (10) best papers; among these, three (3) papers will be awarded as Best Paper with a monetary prize.
By default, the conference chair of the EFC17 will chair the selection committee.

Exclusions to avoid conflicts of interest:
1. Papers co-authored by the conference chair are not eligible.
2. Papers co-authored by members of the selection committee are not eligible.
3. Papers in conflict with the selection committee and with the conference chair are not eligible.

Presentation of Award
The top ten best papers list will be announced on the EFC17 website before the EFC17 conference. The winners of the three Best Paper Awards will be announced on the EFC17 website before the EFC17 conference and presented during the EFC17 conference.

BPA paper submission guidelines
All FULL PAPERS (without restriction on paper length) submitted for the selection should be written in English, following the template (--> draft).
It must include the assigned abstract number (e.g. EFC17001). This number will be assigned upon prior submission of an abstract, before the abstract submission deadline.
The full paper should be submitted both as DOC and PDF file with the abstract number in the filename (e.g. EFC17001.doc, EFC17001.pdf). It can include figures and tables.
It will be possible to submit a full paper for participation to the Best Paper Awards after the abstract acceptance.

Logging in to his/her personal EFC17 webpage, the author will find a dedicated area where it will be possible to submit the full paper not later than September 15th, 2017 October 1st, 2017

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