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Naples 12-15 december 2017



EFC European Hydrogen Tour
from Brussels to Naples

The EFC17 European Hydrogen tour has two main goals. We intend to let European citizens, but above all Italian citizens, know that the electric Hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles are ready to enter the market. These vehicles together with battery electric ones and with all other electric vehicles based on the combination of battery and hydrogen fed fuel cells are the future of zero emissions transport. They are the answer to pollution problems and to improve the quality of our life. Another goal, which is more peculiar for Italy, is to highlight how late Italy is in the deployment of hydrogen infrastructures and in the promotion, in general, of the research and development of hydrogen and fuel cells technologies . We would like to make Italian politician aware of the importance of these technologies for our economy, for creation of new employments, for enhancing our competitiveness.

During the first part of the trip two hydrogen cars , supplied by FCH-JU, a Hyundai IX35 and a Toyota Mirai, will cross Belgium, Germany and Austria to reach Bolzano (Italy). In this case we won't have any problem because we will be able to fill the cars with Hydrogen in public HRS we will find along the trip just using the application H2.Live in our Smartphone. We are going to face many problems in the second part of the tour, i.e. from Bolzano to Naples. There are no public HRS we will be obliged to refill hydrogen in facilities where Hydrogen is produce and/or stored.

European Hydrogen Tour


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