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The event is open to all those with an interest in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technologies and in clean energy in general. Whether you represent the political influence, academia, research world, industry, public sector or simply are interested in cleaner and greener energy technology, at EFC19 you will find cutting edge insights and valuable contacts.
The event will be a major opportunity for intensifying international cooperation, expanding understanding and promoting efforts and disciplines in the area of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Dissemination of knowledge through the presentation of research results, state-of-the-art developments and novel concepts in this area will be the key driver in the preparation of the conference program.


The European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications - Piero Lunghi Conference intends to outline the international state of the art of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technologies and to provide short, medium and long-term visions on research and development in the field, as well as on market opportunities, global policies and future energy scenarios.

The conference aims to reply to the several open questions, which continue to challenge the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell world. It will be our target to provide a clear picture of the status of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technologies, to consolidate the vision and reframe strategies and objectives, and to promote systematic collaboration between industry, research institutions, customers and society.


Topics cover all Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies with a focus on their applications.
The following list summarizes the main topics but doesn’t intend to be comprehensive.


Special sessions will be dedicated to:
Dissemination of European project on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen

Organized by

Università degli Studi di Napoli - Parthenope
Università degli Studi di Perugia

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